The Cirque de GensA great natural show

Here is the ideal spot to recharge your batteries, to relax, and to find your senses back!

This site is classified in order to protect its 340 hectares of vegetation, the fauna who lives there, and its cliffs cut in the limestone rocks for millions of years by the river Ardèche.

Split over the communes Chauzon, Ruoms and Labeaume, the bed of the river winds and passes by the magnificent beach of Isla Cool Douce, before joining the famous « Défilé de Ruoms »

The Cirque de Gens

Let yourself seduce by this fantastic environment for different outdoor sport activities like hiking, canoeing or rock climbing.

Even more simple, just enjoy to relax, to rest, and to refresh yourself in the transparant water of the river.
A real paradise for the amators of open spaces and nature!

Cirque de Gens

( 5 ) Good reasons to come and discover the Cirque de Gens

1 )Refreshing swim

The nautic base Isla Cool Douce is located on the right side of the river right before the Cirque and is the perfect spot to meet your requirements: Swimming in the river and enjoying the sandy beach, a zone with 4 swimming pools / a child’s pool guarded by different lifeguards (both on the river and at the pools)

On top of that you can rent waterbikes and Stand Up Paddles.

For the youngsters (3-7 yrs old), the park also offers the possibility to have a first experience with the canoe, accompanied by an adult, on the watersurface in front of the life guards.

The Snackbar welcomes you with a magnificent shady terrace with a view on the Ardèche and the Cirque de Gens. There’s a child’s playground, ping pong tabels and a beach volley zone to challenge you and your friends.

And if you just want to do nothing, read, or hang and listen to the cicadas: the hammocks are waiting for you!

2 )Descent of the Ardèche per Canoe-Kayak

Discover this magic spot along the river: it is accessible and possible for all of you!

The team of Isla Cool Douce proposes 2 types of descents, 8 km or 12 km, with a departure from and a return to the most beautiful beach of the Ardèche, at the entry of the Cirque, with a view on the dizzy cliffs and the spectacular rocks.


Cirque de Gens

3 )Hiking in the Cirque de Gens (alone-independent)

Taking height, marching at your own rythm, and discovering the splendors of these landscapes between the cliffs, scrubland and the river! Hiking in the Cirque de Gens, this is an evidence!

Follow the marked trails (you can find the guides at the tourism office of Ruoms), and let yourself surprise by breathtaking views.

Part of the classics: the hiking tour of the Cirque de Gens, a loop of 8km starting at Ruoms. Accessible for all with a few uneven parts but no major difficulties (midlevel). On your program: magnificent views on the cliffs, progression along the Ardèche before mounting to the plateau. Possibility to swim and picnic on a small wild beach

The magic moment

Don’t miss it:
the visite of the cave «  la Baume grenas » (a bit in the back of the hiking path). Just go in to the back with a torch!

4 )Rock climbing: a paradise for climbers

This area is a real playground recognized by those who love climbing!

There are minor or less 320 climbing paths to challenge yourself in this exceptional environment.

To climb on these limestone walls, it’s a pure moment of freedom and joy in nature.

L’accès se fait depuis le parking du cirque à Chauzon, après une petite marche.

The access is from the parking on the cirque in Chauzon, after walking a bit. The difficulty level is serious. If you are a starter, don’t hesitate to contact the tourism office to get a guide.

The profesionals will be more then willing to share with you their experience and their knowledge of the environment.

5 ) A preserved biodiversity

The protected area of the Cirque des Gens offers a great variety of natural environment. It is a real welcome spot for different wild species that you may see during your visite!

The Bonelli eagle is between the most threatened. He chose to live in the limestone cliffs of the cirque and the department of the Ardèche holds a few rare couple in the region to reproduce. The Big Duke and Small Duke are part of the raptors that also live in the area. Maybe you can hear them ooh-hoo ing during the night?

The Europian pond turtle is also protected and present in the area. When you go to Chauzon on the riverside, you may see her bathing in the sun. The commune did some works recently to preserve its habitat.

If you have patience and perseverance, you may have the privilege to observe the beaver or the otter. They are more common in the Ardèche and also great to observe.

Those are good reasons to be watchful when you progress in this protected area! Stay discreet and respectful, when you have the chance to see them!